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Bio: This blog aims to take old cook book step by step recipes and turn them into photo by photo sequences; hopefully with some video shorts included.

  • Welcome to a photographic step by step of how to make a thin pancake.

    The recipe concept was influenced from Barry (1976).

    Step One: Gather the pancake ingredients.

    1.25 cups Plain Flour, 3x Eggs, 1.5 cups Milk, half-a-tea spoon Salt, 2 tablespoons of un-salted Butter

    Step Two: Place the Butter into the Microwave.

    Step Three: Melt the Butter in the Microwave (for 30 seconds).

    Microwave the butter for up to 30 seconds

    Step Four: Add the Butter and the Milk into in the Eggs

    Step Five: Whisk the egg, milk and butter mixture

    Step Six: Add the flour and salt together – then add the whisked egg, milk and butter mixture

    Step Seven: Make a ‘well’ in the dry ingredients (i.e. the salt and flour)

    Step Eight: To the dry ingredients, add the whisked egg, milk and butter mixture and whisk the lot.

    Step Eight: Let the mixture sit for an hour (place a clean tea towel over it)

    Step Nine: Heat some butter in a crepe-pan over medium heat – Then pour some of the mixture into this flat crepe-pan (the low sides are ideal for flipping crepes).

    Step Ten: Pour the batter into a hot oiled/butter crepe-pan.

    Step Eleven: The flipping moment of truth

    Step Twelve: No wrath for crepes like this

    Ready for any topping of your choice


    Barry, B. (1976). The Egg Cookbook. Australian Universities Press PTY. LTD.

    n.b. very similar recipes, albeit two eggs less, are also in the cookbook,

    The Good Housekeeping Institute. (1955). A Good Housekeeping: Cookery Compendium (Revised Edition). The Waverley Book Company Limited.

    Not much had changed in 20 years.

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